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SMALL GROUPS are back for the Spring semester!  Sign up, get connected, and come to your group!  Here are our groups.  For more information contact the group leader at the email address listed!


Battle Ready – with Brad & Raggin Compton.  Be strengthened both inside and out by being quickened with the Word of God and trained in basic jiu jitsu technique.  Followed by some time of fellowship and food!  Mondays from 5:30-7:30 contact the Comptons at


Greater you” with Harry & Danielle Morris  How you can become a greater version of yourself through a greater relationship with God.  Mondays at 7pm at Harry & Danielle’s home.  Contact the Morris’ today at

“Can you hear me now?” a thorough study on praying with Pastor Brent & Jodi Bailey  A lot of people know how to call out to God or make a bargain with God when something isn’t right, but praying is a lot more than that!  7-8pm at the church campus 7039 Grand National Drive suite 101   Contact the Baileys today at


“It’s starts at home” with Jason & Lissette Toro exploring biblical and tangible ways that parents, couples, single parents, and blended families can build faith into their kids!  Wednesdays 7-8pm at the church campus “Adventure Kids” zone.  Contact the Toro’s today at


“Blindsided” with Teri & Matthew Cocking figuring out a way to navigate a crisis and overcome then rebuilding your life back to stability.  Thursdays at 6:30 at the Cockings home.  Contact Matt & Teri at